Who I Am

I rescue dogs. In my spare time, I am a lawyer. Neither makes for a particularly chipper disposition. This hasn’t really hurt me as I was never known for my charm and I get by on native intelligence.

Sometimes, I think the world is overrun with stupid people and my expectations of my fellow man are so low that I believe they have hit rock bottom. Then people excavate a crawl space below my lowest expectations.

5 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. You actually give me a spark of hope for humanity. Love what you do, love your wry wit that always makes me laugh, and the fact that you make me feel a little less alone on this planet. But most of all, I love what you do for all the dogs whose souls would be forever lost without you.

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  2. Damn! You speak my thoughts completely. My IQ and those of my family members are right of center. My hubby and I refer to these dipshits mentioned above as Left-Siders. Way too many Left-Siders are in positions of authority or simply allowed to do vast amounts of damage. I would love to be of service if you ever decide to round up enough caring Right-Siders to take on the cretins. Keep up the great work and the lovely chats. You give us hope.


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