Proof there should be a mandatory exam to weed out who can post on the internet.


I would like to believe that Frank is trolling the Trumpsters*, but the response to this post proves there should be an exam.

It’s a fucking tornado drill you nitwits! Every Kansan did one once a week for 12 freaking years until graduation. Also, if they are forcing them to face Mecca, half are infidels because they are facing the wrong way. Here’s a helpful film to help remind you to duck and cover.

*Sadly, probably not.

I Fucking Hate it When Racists Lack Verb-Noun Agreement


It’s so unfortunate when the subliterate racist trash that populates our world decides to express an opinion that only shows their supreme ignorance. I call this a teachable moment, so let’s all rewrite this together. It’s “Black Lives Don’t Matter and Neither DO Your Votes” you stupid motherfucker. It would probably also read better if the racist pig who wrote this had simply used “their” instead of “your” in addition to correcting the verb tense, but that’s being picky. On the plus side, I think we can all agree that North Carolina would be better served working to educate their indigenous backwoods racist fucking morons than spending valuable resources guarding bathrooms from transgender people.