We Live in Interesting Times

I’m back, and to paraphrase that great sage Eminem, I’m on the rag and ovulating.

Today, the Press Secretary for the White House banned the New York Times and CNN from a press conference. What the actual fuck?

You can listen to what the Mouthpiece of Sauron said here:


First, he acted like this was just a regular press pool, then he admitted he just doesn’t like what they have to say and called them “Fake News”. Mr. Spicer needs to dig down really deep, and find his balls and quit his job before he is permanently eviscerated by Melissa McCarthy who currently owns his ass. Mr. Spicer, we’ve all had shitty jobs before, but no one I know actually ever sold their soul to the devil.  Going down to the crossroads is dangerous.

All of us had better get on our game and scream and shout and raise a ruckus because shit’s about to get heavy. Let’s examine just a handful of problems, excluding that whole Russian thing where Cheeto Jesus apparently sold his soul to the Putin or the probable deportation of practically our entire construction workforce or the ban of Muslims entering the US from seven countries because he doesn’t like their religion*. That’s a topic for another day.  Instead, let’s talk about how our national lands are up for grabs because everyone apparently benefits when you can drill for oil on them. It’s now totally cool to dump coal mining sludge into creeks because it’s just easier for coal companies.


Pic stolen from web. Don’t you totally want to take a nice refreshing drink of that?

They took away all the online information about puppy mill law violations to protect puppy miller privacy. It’s now about to be OK to shoot wolf cubs in their dens or hibernating bears on federal lands in Alaska. You OK with that? In the immortal words of Samuel Jackson, I am not motherfucking OK with this and we most definitely are not cool.

Kids we have problems, and the biggest one is that apparently 40% of the population is OK with a President who wants to muzzle his critics, destroy the environment, slaughter and abuse domestic and wild animals, alienate our allies and sell us all out to the Russians. Where the fuck are the Republicans in all this? Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave and I half expect him to return from the great beyond to slap some sense into some of these jackasses in Congress.

The phrase ‘do your job’ has been heard everywhere. So Congress, do your fucking job and man up, because this is your problem, too. And to those that refuse to see and want to claim it’s all fake news or want to argue with me, I suggest you learn the skill of critical thinking, because you are definitely drinking what they’re selling you and I haven’t got the time or inclination to save you. All my energy will go to save the world from the people you support and you put in office.


*Spare me the bullshit about how it’s not about religion. I’ve been around the block enough to have worn grooves in the pavement and that lie will not fly.

19 thoughts on “We Live in Interesting Times

  1. Agree 5,000% with you. I just purchased an online subscription to one of the newspapers that idiot Spicer banned from his press conference this afternoon.


  2. Sing it sister Jean. I’ve been protesting, shouting, screaming, signing petitions, posting on Facebook till I’m blue in the fucking face. We are seriously fucked. I can’t believe 40% of this country think it’s ok to allow this fascist dictator and his goon Bannon to overrun our country. Every damn day I wake up and the misery only gets worse. What is happening to my country???????????????? I’m scared shitless! I’m actually embarrassed to be an American.


  3. Preach it, girlfriend. When I hear my name and the word “activist” in the same sentence. I know we are living in strange times.


    • Seriously. Why on earth should a middle-aged lawyer be this pissed off? Between the rape of the environment and the outright killing of wildlife and a lack of concern for domestic pets, I have a lot to be pissed off about.


  4. Then there’s this: Muhammad Ali Jr., born in the US and carrying a US passport, was detained for TWO hours by US Customs officials, who repeatedly asked if he was Muslim and interrogated him about his beliefs.


  5. I would dearly love to look into Cheeto Man’s eyes, grab him by the shoulders and scream ” What the hell are you doing?” I might add a dope slap for emphasis. He is a liar and a con man.


  6. Somehow, I knew that I would totally agree with you on every one of these points. We are in big trouble and, unless someone grows some balls fast, this country is going down the shitter. And, just get rid of the great Orange one is not going to do the trick; Pence is no better. And, all the Republicans just want to gut and get rid of every good thing that has been done in the last 8 years. We all need to fight this madness! Thank you!


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