Attack dogs for the control of Syrian refugees

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Apparently, Mr. Stinnett has announced his candidacy for the position of dog catcher in Anderson County, Tennessee. His plans include, as near as I am able to discern, the eradication of mange and dog tags for all dogs. Also, all shelter dogs will now be trained to attack the hordes of Syrian refugees that are massing at the borders of Anderson County, Tennessee, yearning to be free and unleash their fiendish terrorist plots. This will keep the good people of Anderson County, Tennessee, safe and will provide a job for all the homeless dogs of Anderson County. Presumably, the sheer volume of potential terrorists requires that Anderson County have a ready supply of attack dogs as there is no mention in his platform anywhere the need to spay and neuter dogs. Who knew that Anderson County had such genius in its midst?

6 thoughts on “Attack dogs for the control of Syrian refugees

  1. I certainly will sleep better knowing Mr. Stinnett has such a plan. (There are no doubt like thinking luminaries in Florida that will want to follow his lead.) Where do these people GET these crazy ideas?


  2. He may be a little late. Glen Casada may have already closed the borders to Anderson County and enlisted the TN National Guard to round up the heathen refugees without the help of this guys’ attack dogs.


  3. I think “as near as I am able to discern” is a very important modifier. Also, your tag “morons” seems particularly apt. Apparently, I am one of your snarkier BFDR followers. And proud of it!


  4. I’m with Joanne on this one as far as the Florida front is concerned….being a Florida native I consider myself so what of an expert on crazy, and at first read I was certain this guy has to be in Florida, but alas he has escaped and made his way to Tennessee….may God have mercy on you Tennessee, because the crazy tend to congregate and there are likely many to follow this one.


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