Au Revoir Blaze

Blaze the bear was euthanized today by the National Park Service for acting like a bear in defense of her cubs. (See more here:

To borrow the words from someone else who said it much better than I could say

In hindsight, euthanize is probably not the right word. Euthanasia is freeing an animal from a painful and/or incurable situation. The park service killed this bear, and it didn’t have to be this way. I don’t wish to sanitize their actions by using such a kind word, which is the way the park service has described the act.

As the result of the public outcry, the cubs will go to a zoo. They will never see a sunrise as wild bears again, and that is an absolute, fucking tragedy.

Au revoir, Blaze. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten

blaze and cubs

8 thoughts on “Au Revoir Blaze

  1. I am just simply heart sick about this. I’m mad that they wouldn’t try to relocate her and her cubs and I’m mad because these babies do not have their momma nor a chance of a normal, free life. It just makes me sick!


  2. I hate to ask, but what are they doing with Blaze’s remains? Any chance she’ll be respectfully buried or cremated. I worry what these people will do, that they will make another disgusting decision.


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